IWS will be hosting the 2020 WFWS-45 and will not have a state-wide 2020 Exhibition.

You are viewing the 2019 winners of the 40th Idaho Watercolor Society Annual  Membership Exhibition juried by Iain Steward, AWS, NWS.

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Fork Ran Away with Spoon - Leslie Redhead. Juror's Choice, IWS Award


Quiet Stillness - Mareth Warren. First Place, IWS Award


Sheep St. - Dwight Williams. Second Place, IWS Award


BB - Lori K. Seale. Third Place, IWS Award


Dont Fence Me In - Rene Galligher. M. Graham & Co., Ruth Clark IWS Founder's Award


Idaho Back Country - Paula Guth. Blick Art Materials Award


Ageless Beauty - Carol HasBrouck. Will Nelson Memorial Award by Roots Family History


Raft River Valley - Laurie Asahara. Cheap Joe's Art Stuff


Bride's Maids - Anne Merkley. HK Holbein Artist Materials Award


Lincoln City Drawbridge - Dennis Hayzlett. Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award


Ponte Vecchio - Patricia Fennell. Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award


Margaret - Margaret Thomas. HK Holbein Artist Materials Award


My Old Farm - Jayne Kratzer. Ed Robinson IWS Award


Refugia - Robin Coen. Bill McCusker Memorial Award


Steelhead - David Dillon. Blick Art Materials Award


Seasoned - Joanne Duffin. Blick Art Materials Award


Antiques and Collectibles - Bobbi Kelly. Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award


Nora - Shelly Johnson. Golden Artists Colors, Inc. Award


Fragile Prickly Pear - Bernadette Regnier. Winsor & Newton Award


Winter Palouse - Sharon Herther. Strathmore Artist Papers Award


Yellowstone Bison - Linda Aman


Woolly - Gail Grecol


Sunlit Morning - Joan Frey


Dressing Up and Dreaming - Karen Hickman


Sunny - Kathleen Whitaker


Daylight Seeker - JackieZumalt


Sun Kissed - Jean AhFong


Dancing Culture - Nancy Inaba


Garden Beauty - Jeanne Wallace


Cooper - Roy Gover


Backyard Spring - Linda Carlson


Eastman Street - Melisa Pearson


In a Time of Plenty - Laurel Lake McGuire


Summer Rose - Loretta Barra


Biding Time - Anne Watson Sorensen


Entrada - Don Belts


Blanche Doorway - Kerri Lindstrom


Incoming Storm - Donald Nafus


Descent - Barbara Watkins-


Fall Colors - Marilyn Henderson


Plumeria - Marjorie Reinecker


Cliff Dwellers - Mary-Ann Artis


HotL Z - Michael Sessions


Historical House - Peggy Conrad


Family Beach Trip - Rehle Higham


Flowers Sale - Kathy Holzer


Taping Determination - Stan Copen


Jean's Mother's Iris - Sue Antonich


Grounded - Betty Runkle


Apple Tree - Carol Smith


Moose - Connie Pepper


Sentinels of the Past - Cherry Woodbury



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The Society sponsors a wide range of activities across the state, including exhibitions, workshops, paint-togethers, social get-togethers, holiday parties, and educational programs where beginning artists can learn and grow, and seasoned artists can explore new techniques and contribute their talents to better the organization. Volunteer and get involved.


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