You are viewing the 50 IWS paintings selected as part of the 2021 Juried Membership Exhibition.  Highly acclaimed artist, Ted Nuttall, was the juror.

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Juror's Choice: A Tranquil Nature, Beth Trott


First Place: No Paper, No Mail, Scott Muscolo


Second Place: Winter Morning Trip to the Snake River Breaks, Don Belts


Third Place: Tibetan Mother Series: A Nursing Mother, Yidan Guo


Fourth Place: November Hike, Hugh Mossman


Betty Benson Memorial Award, IWS North Region: Backyard Lovely, Jackie Zumalt


6. Roseberry Road, Sharon Herther


7. Pandemic Painting IWS Award: North Fork Virgin River, Zion National Park, Jessica Bryant


8. COVID-19 Art Stimulus IWS Award: Quiet Strength, Kerri Lindstrom


9. Roots Family History Will Nelson Memorial Award: Saddle Billed Stork, Karyn Dekramer


10. Ed Robinson IWS Award: Music is Medicine, Rachel Linquist


11. H Graham & Company Award: Cherries, Loretta Barra


12. Cheap Joes Art Stuff Award: Bitteroot In The Craters, Linda Carlson


13. HB Hobein Artist Materials Award: Stone Temple Pillars, Dennis Hayzlett


14. HB Hobein Artist Materials Award: Doe and Fawns on Fall River, Shelly Johnson


15. Blick Art Materials Award: This Luminous Pause (Alchemy and Talismans), Laurel


16. Blick Art Materials Award: An Offering, Nancy Inaba


17. Blick Art Materials Award: Basque Dancers Fixing Her Scarf, Joyce Green


18. Blick Art Materials Award: Tiger Charging, Lauren Johnson


19. Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Award: Lupine Meadow, Rehle Higham


20. Creative Catalyst Productions Award: Camas Blues, Helen Grainger Wilson


Waif, Anne Merkley


Tonya and Me, Sally Ellis


The Wave, David Koga


The Takeoff, Connie Pepper


The Babies, Susan Sweeney


River Guardian, Carma Hobbs


Seen Better Days, Ellen Garrard


Strutting My Stuff, Karen Hickman


Take the Scenic Route, Kathleen Whitaker


Anne Marie, Brad Schulze


Creating Connection, Anne Watson Sorensen


Butterfly In Meadow, Bernadette Regnier


El Profesor, Julene Knapp


Dreamer, Renee Galligher


Day at the Spa, Helen Edwards


Indian Paintbrush, Gary McCall


February Snow, Margaret Conrad


My Favorite Rose, Carol Elliott Smith


Lucky Peak, Linda Aman


Neverbadday, Betty Evans


Payette River Byway, Laurie Asahara


Paris, Idaho, Jeriann Sabin


Ghost Town Grill, Sue Antonich


Going for the Orange Prize, David Dillon


Old Blue, Susan Kluksdal


Once Upon a Time, Teresa Wade


Pelicans at Rest, Ilse Schreiner


Red Flamingo, Mary Kuehn


Retired, Roy Gover


Alternate: Birds of Idaho, Mary Gardiner



The Idaho Watercolor Society is a group of people who share friendship, encourage personal growth, give support to one another, and organize wonderful events. Anyone can join; you do not have to be an artist.

The Society sponsors a range of activities statewide: exhibitions, workshops, paint-togethers, social get-togethers, holiday parties, and educational programs where beginning artists can learn and grow. There is also the opportunity to just volunteer and be involved with a variety of activities. Get involved and start benefiting from membership in this creative community.


Our mission is to promote and support the use of watercolor media and to educate the public as to the significance of watercolor painting.

The Society advances the interests of painters in watercolor and water media through its programs, workshops, and exhibits.

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The Society sponsors a wide range of activities across the state, including exhibitions, workshops, paint-togethers, social get-togethers, holiday parties, and educational programs where beginning artists can learn and grow, and seasoned artists can explore new techniques and contribute their talents to better the organization. Volunteer and get involved.


As a non-profit organization, we depend solely on membership dues and donations. Your contribution ensures that watercolor painting in Idaho continues to thrive.  Send your donation to: IWS Treasurer • PO Box 9093 • Boise, ID • 83707