IWS 2018 Student Scholarship Winner

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Album art design for James Blake’s Overgrown. Combining hand done elements with digital, watercolor and ink prints of flowers in their various stages of life were created, then scanned in and formatted into the package design. As the CD is opened, the flowers, beginning in their end stages, revert back to their beginning as buds, symbolizing new life.

Ellery Pearson is an Oregon born-and-raised artist currently studying Graphic Design with a minor in Studio Art at Northwest Nazarene University.

She began creating art, whether it was drawing, painting, or sculptures out of recycled materials, at a very young age due to the influence of her mother. Now at NNU, Ellery enjoys being able to incorporate hand done, fine art elements into graphic design such as packaging, posters, and branding.

At NNU’s juried student art show, she was awarded second place for poster and typeface design, and was presented with the Idaho Watercolor Society’s student scholarship.

After she is finished with school in the Spring of 2019, Ellery hopes to find a job at a design firm where she can continue to apply her problem solving skills to graphic design, learn from experienced professionals, and grow as an artist.