Fall Workshop Chair Needed

By | Events, Workshops

With September rapidly approaching, I need a volunteer (or two) to step forward to coordinate our Fall workshop. If you have considered volunteering this is an opportunity to learn how IWS activities are managed by working on a fairly simple event.

The Fall workshop is a two-day class involving demonstrations and instruction from an in-house IWS instructor. The instructor has already volunteered, the venue has been reserved and work has begun on preparing the entry form. The new chairperson or persons will focus on handling the registrations, collecting the enrollment fees, and attending the workshop (free!). The chairperson(s) will coordinate volunteers to set up the workshop at Nazareth Center after our annual meeting in September and clean up the space at the end of the workshop. The chairperson(s) will also prepare announcements and reminders for the Statewide Email chair to send out on their behalf.

IWS needs a person or two to come forward and make sure that this event proceeds smoothly. Please contact me at dchayzlett@gmail.com, or call me at home 208-514-3862.  I really need your help!