Dear IWS Members,   

We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and are navigating wisely through these uncharted historical and tempestuous waters. With the governor’s latest 21 day Stay-at-Home order now in force, we hope at the very least you are painting and staying connected.  We will try to keep the IWS – WFWS-45 portion of the website updated with changes. 

Although we had planned the most exciting and wonderful WFWS-45 for our IWS members, guests and the public, we had not planned on a pandemic that has now replaced great excitement with rising caution. We had our WFWS-45 Team Leader meeting Friday, Apr 20th via videoconference on Zoom (yes, we all learned how!)   

In light of the pandemic and increasing personal risk factors, we have cancelled the convention portion of WFWS-45 at The Riverside Hotel. The hotel generously let us out of the contract with no fees if we cancelled Friday, Mar 20th. Our WFWS-45 Team Leaders feel that the health risks are too high for our artists and attendees and are not optimistic that this will be a distant memory by late April or May.   

Rather than risk you and attendees’ lives and up to $10000 in non-cancelation fees, we voted to cancel the Riverside portion which was home base for the Opening Banquet, Delegate Meetings, Convention and excursions. Should the environment reverse itself and surprise us all in the next few weeks, we will reconsider and reformulate plans to host special activities June 4-7.  However, that seems quite unlikely. Sorry to all of us! Our plans were extraordinary as you all know and helped create!  

If you have made Riverside Hotel reservations, please cancel them.  

We are forging ahead with the WFWS-45 Exhibition however.  We will make a final decision no later than May 1.  We have 3 plans and time will tell which door we will get to open:

A.  If health conditions miraculously rally, the Gala, Awards, public reception and Exhibition will proceed as planned June 5-July 26 at the museum. 

B.  If ISM is closed for June, the Exhibition will be framed and hang for only one month – July. We would hope to host a small catered public reception at the museum. 

C.  If the museum does not reopen,  we will have an online Exhibition with video including Quiller comments.  This will be posted on our IWS website, YouTube channel, and social media.  

The Quiller workshop has been cancelled.  We hope to be able to reschedule his workshop later this year (November) with those in the cancelled class getting first chance.  The Quiller free presentation at JUMP has been cancelled. Awards will be juried by Quiller via live video and digital viewing. Quiller will help create a video with his comments of the top 20 award winners, as mentioned above.  

Our beautiful WFWS-45 catalogs will be created and available.

The Riverside Art Show has been postponed at least until the end of  April.  Joyce Green will keep accepted artists updated.  

We are all hoping for the best and planning for the worst.  We are making decisions out of love, not fear. We have faith we can weather this mighty storm together that has “rock”ed our WFWS-45 and our lives. 

Stay safe and use that social distancing to your right brain advantage!  If we can be of help to you, please let us know!  Peace to each of you!  We shall keep you updated.   


Anne and Pam
Anne Watson Sorensen
WFWS-45 Project Chairman

Pam Grant