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By October 16, 2020 No Comments
I am excited to tell all of you that the board okayed continuing to feature members tidbits and news in the newsletter. We got lots of positive feedback and in these days when we are all separated its a great way to stay connected. Some things to note:
  • Newsletter is quarterly and goes out around the beginning of February, May, August and November.
  • Deadline for submissions is the last week of the month before. A notice will be sent out specifying exact day.
  • You may give your news to your regional rep or send directly to me.
  • Submissions should be things like notice of awards, shows or even just exciting new projects. Member profiles, especially new members. Short notice of classes or workshops with contact artist directly-not like a detailed ad. Personal news-births, weddings, deaths, trips. Photos of recent art if connected with news or photos of regional doings, art trips, paint-outs.
  • Submissions should NOT be opinion/editorials; forums; controversial or negative comments or anything that implies IWS sponsorship or contains enough detail to be seen as a full on ad.
  • Newsletter Editor in concert with the President will have the final say.
Regional reps: Please continue to send your regional news, we value the larger picture from each region.
Our two regular columnists Linda and Dwight, please continue to send your contributions. The statewide email notice will now be the one you get (like this one) and of course our President’s column and any IWS prospectus/show or meeting news.
Looking forward to future exciting newsletters! This month’s deadline is October 29th.
Laurel Lake McGuire