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November 2021

IWS 2021 Traveling Show Tragedy

By Events, President

On November 3, I communicated to the Board that a tragic accident happened with a FedEx truck carrying our IWS Traveling Show paintings on their way from Pocatello to Moscow for the final show of the year.

A young man (19) broadsided the FedEx truck. Both his car and the FedEx trailers caught fire. The young man tragically lost his life, the FedEx driver has been hospitalized, and all our paintings were incinerated in the fire. Here is what we have communicated:

  • I have called all the artists who had paintings in the traveling show.
  • FedEx has reached out to Teresa Wade, our traveling show chairman, asking for the value of the shipment, so I am hopeful that they will reimburse the artists the value they had declared on their entry form.
  • Scott Muscolo had a fantastic idea which he and I are pursuing. He suggested we use the high-res images we have of all the paintings to have Roots make prints on watercolor paper. We will then matt the paintings and ship them to Moscow Gallery 1912. I have talked with the curator and she agrees to hang the prints of our Annual Juried Show in December.
  • I told all the artists that I would keep them posted by email as to next steps of reimbursement and a show of the prints in Moscow.

I originally sent this communication to Regional Reps but because there have been a number of questions, I wanted to let all members know of this sad event.


Carol HasBrouck Browning
IWS President