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Rotunda Visitor’s Choice Awards Announcement

By March 22, 2022No Comments

Dear IWS Members,

The Idaho Watercolor Society is proud to announce the Capitol Rotunda Art Show Voter’s Choice Award Winners.

We have Drenda Duff’s “Portrait of a Young Woman” and Sharon Herther’s “Spring Valley County” in a tie for 1st Place! Please be sure to view the award-winning paintings and read a brief statement from our award winning artists at the end of this announcement!

The Voter’s Choice Award runners up were:

2nd Place – Jane Shimon, “Happy Hour”

3rd Place – Beth Trott, “Laws and Roses”

4th Place – Anne Watson Sorensen, “Pond-er #8”

When we informed the IWS Board that we had TWO 1st Place winners they generously increased the award amount from $200 to $300, so that each artist could receive $150. It’s quite remarkable that we had a tie, considering there were over 400 votes cast by attendees of the Rotunda Show! Visitors were from all across the State of Idaho. Many more were from other Northwestern states and some were as far away as Alabama, Tennessee and even London and Zimbabwe!

Congratulations are in order, not only to our Voter’s Choice Award Winners, but to each and every artist who participated in bringing this outstanding exhibition to the public. Our members represented the Idaho Watercolor Society, and our beloved medium, with passion, skill and grace. Thank you and BRAVO!

Thank you to the Idaho Watercolor Society for providing an opportunity to share our artworks in this non juried exhibit at the Capitol Rotunda. I am surprised and grateful for the kind response to my submission, “Portrait of a Young Woman.”

I can describe the process of this particular watercolor simply as a personal challenge. Normally, I prefer using vivid color and contrast in my paintings. This painting of my friend, Devin, was an effort to create a simplified portrait using a limited color palette, trying not to overwork it.

-Drenda Duff -“Portrait of a Young Woman”

First… I love Idaho. I feel very blessed to have this talent that God has gifted me with. As for the “Spring Valley County” painting it is from a photo I took and tucked away till I felt qualified to paint it.

Well that day came and it was appreciated by those who came to view all of the beautiful art at the Rotunda. I am thankful to share and participate.

The Best To All,

Sharon Herther – “Spring Valley County”