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Call for News

By November 17, 2022No Comments

Dear IWS Friends

It’s time for the IWS Winter quarterly newsletter.

Please send Jean Ah Fong your regular columns (regular columnists), news and member spotlights (regional reps), and show news (chairpersons).   We have lots of exciting show news this quarter and we look forward to hearing from regular columnists, but we don’t want to be exclusive and we have so many talented, innovative artists in our group.  If you have a new technique or idea, or favorite philosophy and would be willing to write something up for our newsletter, we would love to hear it.   If we are blessed with too much news, we may use your articles in upcoming issues.

If you have exciting news about your painting or personal life, let us know.  It is probably easier if you send it through your regional representative.  Also, we would like to receive a short bio with a sample of work from new members.  This can also be sent through your regional rep.  Reps are:

Cheryll Root – N

Cathy Anderson – SW

Neila Loebs – SE

Connie Pepper – SC

Les Scott – E

As always, please place your article in the main part of the email so that I can copy and paste it. I can also do attached Word documents.  Images should be sent as separate jpegs.  No web pages, please.

Submissions should NOT be opinions/editorials; forums; controversial or negative comments or anything that implies IWS sponsorship; or anything that contains enough detail to be seen as an ad. Newsletter Editor in concert with the President will have the final say.

I look forward to hearing from you by November 25th.

Thank you,

Jean Ah Fong