2019 Fall Workshop

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Felicia Weston – “Painting and Drawing with Live Models”                


  • Learn to simplify and avoid overworking by concentrating on shapes and practicing direct painting.
  • Felicia will demonstrate how to begin with a contour drawing and then finish by applying as few over-washes as possible to develop shapes and light.
  • The goal will be to achieve correct form, shape, color, edges and tonal value.
  • Class Outline:
    • 9:00 am-12:00 pm- Demonstration
    • 12:00 pm-1:00 pm – Lunch Break
    • 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Class Paints

There will be a class critique session of students work at the end of the second day.

Artist’s Statement

I developed my painting techniques when learning how to do large sized renderings of cars. I graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California with a degree in Industrial design. I had a love of cars growing up but had never drawn them before. A little more than four years ago, I had the opportunity to illustrate a story for Edible Idaho Magazine and I feel very fortunate every time I see an email from the editor asking for another contribution. My greatest pleasure though has been creating watercolor paintings of the dancers here at Ballet Idaho. To be able to recreate their passion and artistic expression of movement is what I try to recreate in a painting. And while I still paint other subjects, painting dancers has given me great joy.

Attendees at other workshops have praised Felicia for her style, skill and her ability to teach her painting techniques and concepts!

Workshop Information:

Material list, this is only a guide, you may use your own supplies.

COLORS: The colors I am listing are what I use and should only be considered suggestions:

Alizarin crimson or carmine

Cadmium red light

Cadmium yellow pale


Raw sienna

Raw umber

Burnt umber

Burnt sienna

French Ultramarine blue

Yellow ochre

Ivory black

This is a limited palette and I do have others I use but this is the basic range I use. If you have others, bring what you feel comfortable using.

BRUSHES: Good brushes are your most important consideration. I hope you can bring at least one good quality round brush you are comfortable using.

PAPER: I use Aquarelle Arches rough. For ease I have a block and typically a 12 x 16 inch or 14 x 20 size. A larger painting tends to take longer than a couple of hours to complete.

STUFF: A spray bottle. I use mechanical pencils 7mm and 9mm HB in class. You will always have a sharp pencil for contour drawing with a mechanical pencil, a kneaded eraser, and a water container. If you are not using a block you will need clips or tape to secure paper to a board. A thick foam core panel cut to the size of the paper works best.

AN EASEL THAT WORKS: Don’t plan on using tables or table top easels if at all possible. Your easel should be light and easy to set up and allow you to paint with your paper and board at a 30 to 45 degree angle.

For registration information, please click here to download the form, “2019 Fall Workshop with Felicia Weston”.

If you have any questions, please contact Dennis Hayzlett at 208-514-3862 or at dchayzlett@gmail.com

Dennis Hayzlett, Workshop Chair

Fall Workshop Chair Needed

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With September rapidly approaching, I need a volunteer (or two) to step forward to coordinate our Fall workshop. If you have considered volunteering this is an opportunity to learn how IWS activities are managed by working on a fairly simple event.

The Fall workshop is a two-day class involving demonstrations and instruction from an in-house IWS instructor. The instructor has already volunteered, the venue has been reserved and work has begun on preparing the entry form. The new chairperson or persons will focus on handling the registrations, collecting the enrollment fees, and attending the workshop (free!). The chairperson(s) will coordinate volunteers to set up the workshop at Nazareth Center after our annual meeting in September and clean up the space at the end of the workshop. The chairperson(s) will also prepare announcements and reminders for the Statewide Email chair to send out on their behalf.

IWS needs a person or two to come forward and make sure that this event proceeds smoothly. Please contact me at dchayzlett@gmail.com, or call me at home 208-514-3862.  I really need your help!