IWS Officers and Chairs

President: Dave Dillon
Vice President: Mareth Warren
Past President: Dennis Hayzlett
Recording Secretary: Carol HasBrouck Browning
Treasurer: Carol Spoor
Corresponding Secretary: Marjorie Reinecker
Website Administrator:  Jane Shimon
Membership Chair: Lynn McConnell
Newsletter Editor: Laurel Lake McGuire
Statewide e-mail Chair: Renee Galligher
Southwest e-mail Chair: Karyn deKramer
Librarian: Carol Elliott Smith
Historical Advisor: Dwight Williams
Graphic Designer: Lori Seale
2020 WFWS-45 Chair: Anne Watson Sorensen and Pam Grant
WFWS Delegate: Carol HasBrouck Browning; Alternate: Dennis Hayzlett

Shows, Workshops, Exhibitions

Capitol Rotunda Exhibition: Bonnie Liles
Fall Exhibition:  Jean Ah Fong and Susan Kluksdal
Spring Workshop:  Louann Krueger
Annual Show: for 2020 will be replaced with WFWS-45
Summer Workshop: Joanne Duffin
Traveling Show Coordinator: for 2020 will be replaced with WFWS-45
Annual Meeting: David Dillon
Fall Workshop: TBD
WFWS Project Managers: Anne Watson Sorenson & Pam Grant