Western Federation of Watercolor Societies

The mission of WFWS is to encourage and recognize artistic excellence and promote the visibility of watercolor in the West.  Membership in WFWS is automatic for any member of one of the eleven different regional societies. IWS is one of eleven regional society members of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. WFWS sponsors an annual juried exhibition hosted each year by a different member.

2023 WFWS48

The WFWS-48 art exhibition is hosted by the Southwest Watercolor Society of Dallas, TX. The prospectus for WFWS48 has been posted to Art Call and is available for entries. The prospectus is presented on the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies 48th Annual Exhibition (artcall.org).

All digital entries must be posted on the Art Call site for the exhibition by midnight, January 13, 2023. You may enter up to three paintings, and as usual for Art Call, you must pay your entry fees before you can submit the images of your paintings. If you have entered an Art Call event before, your account is still valid. If you do not have an Art Call account, follow the directions for creating a new account as you log onto the site. The due date is just over 3 months away, so plan to finish your entries as soon as possible. Until the final due date, you may alter or replace your entries at any time.

Please read the prospectus carefully, and good luck. IWS has been well represented in recent WFWS exhibitions, so let’s keep this positive trend growing! If you have questions, please drop me a note at dchayzlett@gmail.com.