Western Federation of Watercolor Societies

The mission of WFWS is to encourage and recognize artistic excellence and promote the visibility of watercolor in the West.  Membership in WFWS is automatic for any member of one of the eleven different regional societies. IWS is one of eleven regional society members of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. WFWS sponsors an annual juried exhibition hosted each year by a different member.

2022 WFWS47

The WFWS-47 art exhibition is hosted by the New Mexico Watercolor Society from May 6 to June 5, 2022 in Albuquerque, NM. Renown artist, Iain Stewart, is the juror.  Be sure to read a summary of the Exhibition.

Congratulations to the IWS artists accepted in WFWS-47, and a special congratulations to Hugh Mossman.  His painting Angling Shapes won a WFWS-47 award.
Debra Bruner – I Hope We Dance
Jessica Bryant – Section Thirty Four Creek
Renee Galligher – In or Out?
Joyce Green – Tide Pools
Steve Gruber – Majestic
Yidan Guo – The Artist
Sharon Herther – The Road to Home, Rainbow Bridge
Aryana Howard – Under the Sea
Laurel Lake McGuire – The Latest Style
Hugh Mossman – Angling Shapes
Torgeson Murdock – Steamwork
Jeriann Sabin – In The Year of the Dog
Brad Schultze – Ted’s Beard
Ann Watson Sorensen – Awake and Arise
Calista Ward – Story-time Sisters
Kathy Whitaker – Crows