Western Federation of Watercolor Societies

The mission of WFWS is to encourage and recognize artistic excellence and promote the visibility of watercolor in the West.  Membership in WFWS is automatic for any member of one of the eleven different regional societies. IWS is one of eleven regional society members of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. WFWS sponsors an annual juried exhibition hosted each year by a different member.

2020 WFWS-45th UPDATE

This is the Idaho Watercolor Society’s first year hosting the prestigious Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) 45th Annual Juried Exhibition.  However, in light of the coronavirus pandemic and increasing personal risk factors of COVID-19, the WFWS-45 Convention, activities and 2 month long Idaho State Museum Exhibition had to be cancelled.  The Riverside Hotel hosted a successful 3-day exhibition of the WFWS-45 paintings on June 5-7, 2020.

VIEW THE WFWS-45 VIRTUAL EXHIBITION Part 1 & Part 2 on our You-Tube Channel. Click on the links below

**WFWS-45 Part 1:  Welcome and Awards**    –    **WFWS-45 Part 2:  Exhibition**


View the 100 WFWS-45 paintings selected by Juror Stephen Quiller below.  Click on any painting to enlarge and enter the slide show. If you are interested in purchasing a painting, contact Pam Grant (pamgrant@fmtc.com) for the artist’s contact information.

Thanks to thee WFWS-45 Team Leaders:
Project Chairman:  Anne Watson Sorensen    aewatsonart@aol.com
Co-Chairman:  Pam Grant   pamgrant@fmtc.com
IWS Delegate:  Dennis Hayzlett   dchayzlett@gmail.com
Hospitality:  Lori Seale   lkseale@msn.com
Banquets:  Pam Flora  pfdesigns@cableone.net
Art Talks/Trade Show:   Carol Hasbrouck Browning    hazzy1900@gmail.com
Publicity:  Karen Hickman      khickman1013@msn.com
Print & Publishing, Workshop: Joanne Duffin     zsduffin04@msn.com
Finance & Fundraising:  Steve Seale   shseale@msn.com
Grants:  Paula Sinclair  paulabs@cableone.net
Volunteer Co-Coordinators:  Margaret Thomas     matblttt@gmail.com
Volunteer Co-Coordinator: Nancy Inaba   nancysinaba@gmail.com
Framing Coordinator: Roy Gover:  rlgover@msn.com

IWS would like to thank our patrons, sponsors and partners in our community and state for their enthusiastic and generous support!  Art builds, beautifies and connects communities! Especially water media art! IWS acknowledges the generous financial support of the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Boise City Department of Arts and History, Greater Boise Rotary Foundation, Harry W. Morrison Foundation, Idaho Arts Commission, IWS members, and many local businesses. Partners include the Idaho State Museum, Boise Art Museum, and the Riverside Hotel.

I W S – 1 0 0  C L U B:
The IWS-100 Club started the grass roots fundraising effort with $100 and up donations, totaling $6400! Thank you IWS members!
Linda Aman*, Maryann Artis, Loretta Barra, Don Belts, Elizabeth Bowhan, Linda Carlson, David Dillon, Joanne Duffin, Phyllis Edmundson,  Patricia Fennell, Joni Frey, Renee Galligher, Pam Grant*, Tom Greco, Gail Greco, Carol Hasbrouck-Browning, Dennis Hayzlett*, Kay Henry, Nadine Hergenrider, Kathy Holzer, Neila Loebs, Laurel Lake McGuire, Mike Sessions Fine Art, Zona O’Neal, Bernadette Regnier, Marjorie Reinecker, Lori Seale, Gloria Shirley, Paula Sinclair, Anne Sorensen, Wendy Taylor, Mareth Curtis Warren*, Barbara Watkins, Helen Grainger Wilson, Ann Winslow, Jackie Zumalt.  *donation of $300 or more

Idaho Watercolor Society is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  If you would like to donate to WFWS-45 or IWS-100, please mail your donation to: Steve Seale, IWS-WFWS Fundraising, 5260 S Maverick Ave, Boise, ID 83709. 

S P O N S O R S:
Boise Arts and History
Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
Harry Morrison Foundation
Greater Rotary Foundation
Idaho Arts Commission
Jeker Family Trust

P A R T N E R S:
Idaho State Museum
Boise Art Museum
Riverside Hotel

I N–K I N D   P A T R O N S:
Jerry’s Artarama
Cheap Joes Art Supplies
Princeton Brush Co
Jack Richeson
Graham & Co
Dr Ph. Martin’s
Creative Catalyst
Golden Artist Colors, Inc
Idaho Potato Commission
Valley Glass